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Water Softener Repair

Your family uses a water softener every single day. There are many reasons why it may malfunction, but Plumb Magic has knowledgeable water softener repair experts who can take care of whatever the issue may be. Serving surrounding areas in Jefferson City & Columbia, MO.

Water Softener Repair

Broken Water Softener

You may have a broken water softener in your home for many reasons. There may be excess salt which has built-up inside of the brine tank. This can often be the result of adding too much salt to the system, or adding it too often. Also, if there isn't enough salt in the system, it can lead to the development of a giant air pocket on the inside. Also, the resin bed which gets rid of hard water particles from the system could have a build up of iron. This could cause your water to have a bad odor. We also often see broken water softeners where the injector has become clogged with a build up of dirt salt sediment.

Our skilled water softener professionals will be able to carefully evaluate your water softener's problems and offer an effective repair solution to have it working like normal again in no time! We know your family counts on this device working at its best each and every day, so let us help to make sure it lasts for many years to come in your home.

If you're looking for a plumbing company serving the central Missouri area, look no further than Plumb Magic. Our expert employees have many years of experience working on all major brands of residential water softeners. Please contact us as soon as possible to set up an appointment time.