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Whole Home Water Filter Installation

Plumb Magic offers only the best whole home water filter systems and installation services for our customers. As family owned business, we understand the troubles of budgets and the hardships of families. That's why our certified plumbers are not only cost effective but work fast to be in and out of your home in a timely manner. Serving surrounding areas of Jefferson City & Columbia, MO.

Water Filtration

Many towns treat their water with chlorine, which, while cleansing the water, does absolutely nothing to make it healthier. In fact, chlorine has a really harmful effect on your overall health.The question is, how can we work to change our water on a whole house level, and where do we get truly pure water to use for all of our day to day activities which involve water? Would a whole house water filter system really help?

House Water Filtration

A variety of good whole house water filtration systems are available which can be connected in many different ways. Your best option for a home situation will be a whole home, point-of-entry water filtration system which will cleanse all of the water which is being used in your home. We even offer a 3-stage filter which will get rid of 99% of the chlorine found in the water entering your home.

The water that we drink isn't the only water that we need to be worried about. We should also be worried about the water that we cook with, make our coffee with, make juice with, and even the water with which we brush our teeth. Our usage of water in the home may have a great effect or an ill effect on our overall well-being. Ensuring that all of the water which is used in our homes is pure and healthy is crucial. Whole home water filters will help accomplish that.

How Clean is Your House Water?

Many homeowners would be surprised about how clean the water is entering their home. In fact, it's likely not very clean at all! There may be high concentrations of chlorine as well as other chemical substances and impurities which could have a negative effect on you and your family's health.

Due to the direct correlation between good water and good health, it also follows that a quality whole home water filtration system will be one of the most important investments you are able to make in your own good health.